As an organisation built on the knowledge and experience of individuals from across the financial sector – including high-street banks – BOOST&Co understands better than most the value that these institutions bring to the UK economy.

For customer banking, mortgages and corporate-level services, the likes of Lloyds, HSBC and Barclays have the reputation that they do for good reason. Yet when it comes to specialist services, particularly those in fast-moving, high-growth markets, there is also a reason that alternative lenders such as BOOST&Co are the emerging frontier. 

A speedy and flexible alternative

Alternative lenders are usually more agile than the major banks and can be more flexible with their risk appetite and the types of organisations with which they work. This means that businesses that would not typically fit a bank’s risk profile (usually those unable to prove historic performance, as is often the case with high-growth firms) have increasingly moved away from traditional institutions, instead seeking funding from alternative lenders that understand their business models and growth ambitions.

Over time, alternative lenders such as BOOST&Co have gained extensive experience of operating in the fast-growth space, specialising in working with firms in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector that can scale very quickly, but need access to capital if they are to continue to succeed.

The alternative is bolder, too

BOOST&Co is proud to venture boldly where other lenders will not, because it has an expert team with exceptional knowledge of the high-growth market. This gives the firm the confidence to lend more and earlier than traditional banks and to offer flexibility on product terms.

Being bolder is also about a lender’s approach: BOOST&Co does not impose strict covenants or give businesses narrow parameters within which they can use funds. The firm gives management teams the freedom to fund whatever will promote their success – and trusts that they know the best way to achieve this. In every way, BOOST&Co is bolder than the banks.

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