Growth debt. Funds that grow with you

Venture debt for Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) businesses is a fast and flexible way to accelerate your growth. We lend against your MRR base so you benefit from the growth in your business. Your loan grows as your company grows. Increased revenue unlocks further funding while you avoid equity dilution.


The essentials

Venture debt for MRR is only relevant for B2B companies. If you are a B2C company, take a look at our venture debt page instead.

  • Are you eligible?

  • Software and recurring revenues
  • Proven business model
  • £3m+ ARR
  • 25+% growth rate
  • Use for working capital, R&D or M&A
  • Our terms

  • 50%-80% MRR advance rate
  • 1%-2% upfront fee
  • 10%-12% interest rate
  • 0-18 months interest-only
  • 24-48 months amortisation
  • Customise your loan

  • Decide advance rate
  • £2m-£10m loan amount
  • 12-48 months’ duration
  • Funding in tranches to match growth
  • Cost depends on overall risk profile

How it works

Venture debt for MRR is all about understanding the details of your MRR. We want to know about your business model, how revenues are generated, how they recur and what your growth metrics are.

We assess how much we can lend once we understand these KPIs. We then use our MRR formula to help you customise your loan.

Tales of investment and growth

Our MRR success stories

  • The Asset Exchange
  • BaseKit
  • Squareone Network
  • Arcus Global
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