Growth loans: capital to help you hit ambitious targets for growth

We provide loans of £2m to £10m for fast-growing businesses with a growth-type need, whether they require working capital, M&A or simply growth capital. The use of money can be flexible – for example, to maintain existing growth strategies or to implement new projects, such as buying an existing UK business.

What is a growth loan?

Growth capital loans are exactly that – loans designed to help your company grow. We are looking to fund innovative businesses with a growth-type need.

We provide funding swiftly – in as little as six weeks – and the use of money can be flexible: for example, to support your working capital needs during a strong growth phase, to maintain your existing growth strategies or to implement new projects made possible in the current climate, such as expanding or buying an existing UK business.

We prefer TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) businesses, but companies in all sectors are eligible, except for banks/building societies, insurers and reinsurers. We trust you to deliver your business plan and do not take seats on your board.

Does your business need a traditional loan alternative?

Funding business expansion isn’t as challenging as it used to be. Business owners can depend on several flexible funding alternatives to the standard small business expansion or high street business loans. Here at BOOST&Co, we want to help your business succeed by tailoring our loans to your needs, creating a bespoke package that will encourage growth.

What can business growth loans be used for?

  • New premises 
  • Working capital 
  • Hiring talent 
  • New equipment 
  • Research and development
  • Mergers and acquisitions

What we need

We want to learn about your business model, your management team and your key clients, as well as your targets and how you plan to achieve them, so that we can tailor a loan to support your needs.

We want to see minimum revenues of £3m (we are typically best for businesses with turnover of less than £50m, but can look at companies of any size), and we expect to see revenue growth, although we will make an exception for the Covid-19 period.

We can lend up to 5x EBITDA for established businesses, but we are able to look beyond the metrics where relevant (for example, if your company is high-growth, is in the tech sector and has been affected by Covid-19 and loss-making for a period).

What you can expect from us

Every application for a loan from BOOST&Co is processed by people, not machines.

After you have submitted an application, our experts will quickly gain a thorough understanding of your business, which helps us to assess how much we can lend. We will then tailor your growth loan after further discussions with you.

When everyone is happy, we will issue a term sheet, summarising the details of the loan. The deal will then go through our due diligence process. When it has been approved, you will be eligible to draw down the funds.

The essentials

  • Are you eligible?

  • Proven business model
  • Minimum revenues of £3m
  • Revenue growth (Covid-19 excepted)
  • Reasonable revenue visibility
  • B2B preferred
  • Our terms

  • 1.5% arrangement fee
  • 8-12% interest rate
  • 12 months interest only
  • Terms of up to six years
  • No covenants
  • Customise your facility

  • Clarity on use of money
  • Facilities of £1m to £10m
  • We can lend up to 5 x EBITDA
  • Cost depends on overall risk profile
  • Work with us to tailor your loan