Buy out a business to maximise rewards

You know your business well and now you’re ready to own it. Capital transforms you from manager to shareholder. Give yourself this opportunity with venture debt.

Funding future owners

We want to help great managers become owners.

At BOOST&Co, we have experience of management buy-ins and management buy-outs. We can help to build the optimum funding solution for your transaction.

We want to work with experienced industry participants who are fully committed to owning their business and taking it to the next level.

Establish your plan. You know when the time is right to make a deal and find funding

Qualify your deal. We need £0.5m in, a growing business and a non-hostile transaction

Speak to us. We like to meet future owners early, even if the terms are still not final

Due diligence. We confirm all the aspects of your deal and the key details of the business

Tales of investment and growth

MBO and MBI investments

  • Arcus Global
  • The Asset Exchange
  • BaseKit
  • Squareone Network
All investments