Acquisition finance acquire other businesses and expand your activities

Your business is established, and now you’re ready to take the next step. Acquiring another company could increase your market share or help you expand into new products – or even new territories.

Your acquisition strategy will require capital funding. Our loans, from £2m to £10m, provide the firepower you need to scale more quickly through mergers and acquisitions. There is no need to dilute your equity when you fund growth this way, and we don’t take seats on your board – it is up to you to deliver your business plan.

What is acquisition finance?

Acquisition finance is the funding that a business uses specifically to acquire another company. Firms use acquisition finance to expand their operations and benefit from the economies of scale that are achieved through the purchase.

How does acquisition finance work?

BOOST&Co’s acquisition finance loans are tailored to your needs and priced to your circumstances. What is more, the money does not have to be drawn down all at once, providing the flexibility required to seize new opportunities when they arise.

When you have established your acquisition target, we will discuss how you plan to realise the value of your investment – but we’ll need a few things from you first.

What we need

To help propel your business to new heights, we will need a clear understanding of how it works. We will achieve this by reviewing your historical financial performance, but we are just as interested in how your business is doing right now – and how you expect an acquisition to drive performance in the months and years ahead.

We will start with a conversation. You can chat to us via phone, email, or in person to tell us what you need. Over the course of a few meetings, we will want to hear all about your business model and we will ask you to share your data. The more detail you can provide, the better – it all helps us to understand your business model and how an acquisition will support your growth.

Once we’ve got to grips with your business, we can discuss your needs in detail. This will enable us to tailor a loan to your specific circumstances. We will then ask you to sign a term sheet before moving on to the due diligence stage, confirming all the aspects of your deal and the key details of your firm.

Start a conversation. Chat to us via phone, email or in person to tell us what you need

Share data. The more detailed, the better – we want to know all about how your business works

Shape your loan. We discuss your needs to create a tailored offer and sign a term sheet

Due diligence. We confirm all the aspects of your deal and the key details of your business

What you can expect from us

People, not machines, process every application for a loan from BOOST&Co.

Once you have applied, our experts will quickly gain a thorough understanding of your business and determine how much we can lend. We will then tailor your acquisition finance after further discussions with you.

The process usually takes four to six weeks and our expert team will support you every step of the way.

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