Acquisition finance

The growth strategies of SMEs vary, but an acquisition can be an attractive option for scaling up a business. Through our loans, we offer £2m to £10m of acquisition finance to growing and innovative businesses.

If you are considering an acquisition, call us on 020 7651 4930 to discuss the funding we could offer.

We judge every opportunity on its merits, but the factors we will consider when looking at your deal are:

We provide funding to support a number of different types of acquisition:

Funding solutions

Growth loans are designed for growing companies seeking funding of £2m to £10m. We also provide venture-debt solutions. Every one of our loans is individually crafted to fit a company’s needs.

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Buy and build

One business buys another with the aim of building a stronger combined operation, such as an enhanced market position or cost and revenue synergies.

We prefer buy-and-build deals when:

  • your business is equal to or bigger than the business you want to acquire
  • the potential for cost and revenue synergies is clear (cost synergies tend to be simpler to realise)
  • the management team has experience in combining different businesses

Management buy-outs

The current management team raises funds to buy the business, which it then continues to run.

We like these deals because the management team has in-depth knowledge of the business and its industry.

Buy-in management buy-outs

Buy-in management buy-outs are similar to MBOs, but also involve management from outside the company joining the management team.

We will consider the experience and expertise of the new managers entering the business.

Management buy-ins

A new management team from outside the company raises funds to buy the business, which it will run. These deals are riskier, as the new management team will not know the business as well as the existing management team.

We expect that the new management team:

  • invests significant funding of its own in the business
  • has successfully completed such transactions in the past
  • has expertise and experience in the industry