We help you grow faster

BOOST&Co provides precision lending for high-growth businesses.

The right loan structure for you

Venture debt

Capital for smarter growth

Step-change growth is within your grasp. Venture debt minimises equity dilution.

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Growth loans

Capital to help you grow

You have a solid business; now increase your size with growth lending.

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Working capital

Capital for faster growth

Finance your invoices and receivables to accelerate your cash flow.

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Some of the sectors we like

It’s high growth that gets us going. We also tend towards tech, but you can rest assured that, whatever your specialism, we bring a wealth of experience and insight to the table.

We look at all sectors. Here are our favourites:

Martech and agencies
Medtech and cleantech
Life sciences

What we look for

Business performance

We back businesses we believe in. We need revenues of at least £2m. We also want you to:

  • Be hungry. We support eager, high-growth businesses
  • Be simple. Our funding is straightforward. We want to fund a simple growth idea we understand
  • Persuade us. We take numbers, facts and a dash of passion as our route to persuasion
Management experience

We support teams that have deep, relevant experience. We want to know:

  • Where you have been?
  • Where are you now?
  • How good is your team?
  • Do you know where you’re going?