Venture Debt

What is Venture Debt?

Similar to venture capital, venture debt is a non-dilutive growth capital investment provided in the form of a loan.

  • Size: £1 million to £8 million
  • Duration: 3 to 5 years
  • Process: 4 to 6 weeks to term sheet
  • Repayment: Amortising, following a possible 6- to 12-month interest-only period
  • Covenants: None
  • Interest rate: 9 to 12% of capital outstanding
  • Fee: 1 to 2 % of loan value
  • Equity kicker: 5 to 15% of amount lent, in warrant shares

To qualify, you need:

  • An established business model
  • Clear growth prospects
  • A revenue run rate of £3 million or more

Are you a fast-growing and innovative scale-up looking for venture capital funding that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your equity or control of your business? If so, venture debt from BOOST&Co could help you to achieve your growth objectives. We provide individually designed venture capital loans faster, earlier, and in larger amounts than traditional lenders.

Venture debt by BOOST&Co – growth capital from venture investors that understand your business.

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