We like to build relationships with the people we do business with, and want to be present in our markets. That’s why we will only lend to companies in Europe.

Liking a management team is a big part of financing any company. We want to get to know you and understand your vision for growth.

As well as talented people, we like small and medium-sized businesses that are growing and generating good revenues, while doing something innovative and preferably disruptive.

We also like specific industries, especially those where we have had personal experience and success:

Financing a SME UK


We’ve managed software companies and lent successfully to lots of them — for working capital, booking/invoicing to revenues financing and to fund acquisitions.

In software, we like high gross margins and growth in the client base. In services we look for highly professional management teams.

In both we put a premium on predictable revenue streams.

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We like good gross margins, scalability and measurable business models.

We’re looking for companies with at least £10 million of net revenues, clear growth trajectories and great business plans.

We can provide working capital for development, funds for stock purchases or to make acquisitions in a consolidating sector.


We’re attracted to high-gross margins, scalability and predictable business models.

We can fund equipment or advance revenue for commercialized products and design royalty financing where licensing agreements are already in place.

Our favourite life sciences companies have at least one phase IIB result in a major clinical area and a diversified pipeline of early-stage projects.


We finance equipment for production and clean rooms and fund stock purchases for fast-growing companies, fulfilling large orders.

We can also provide working capital and export financing for companies with supply chains in Asia.

We like scalable business models and strong revenue growth, especially companies with design wins (plural!) that are already generating revenues.


We are looking for disruptive innovation, large development and production contracts or asset-heavy business models.

We fund equipment financing for production-based cleantechs, stock purchases for companies who have won large contracts and project finance to roll-out proven technologies.

We do not fund cleantech infrastructure roll out programmes.