SaaS Capital

BOOST&Co SaaS Growth Capital – Funding from expert SaaS investors

Not only does BOOST&Co love SaaS – we also understand it. In fact, a third of our portfolio consists of Software-as-a-Service companies. We provide fast-growing SaaS companies with non-dilutive growth capital loans of £1 million to £10 million, taking no board seats or voting rights.

To qualify, you need:

  • Monthly recurring revenues in excess of £100,000
  • 18 months of cash runway.

If this is you, we can issue a term sheet within just one week.

We know that equity dilution is most painful when companies are building equity value rapidly, as in the case of SaaS companies. That’s why we structure our individually designed SaaS financing solutions to support growth, while saving you from the need to dilute your equity. Our SaaS growth capital investment solutions allow you to draw down cash only as and when you need it, so you ‘pay as you grow’.

SaaS venture financing from BOOST&Co – growth capital from venture investors that understand your business.

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