Growth Funding Guide for SMEs

Growth Lending Guide for SMEs

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What is in the Guide?

Melissa Yvonnou

About the Author

Mélissa Yvonnou
+44 207 651 49 34

Mélissa is a senior investment professional with more than five years experience developing private debt and direct lending solutions to help companies meet their growth ambitions.

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Growth Debt is an alternative source of funding for fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is capital that can help your business to grow but which won’t require you to give up control of your company. This guide is for SMEs that want to find out more about Growth Lending.

If you read this guide you will know:

  • How to use Growth Debt
  • When you should use Growth Debt or equity
  • How to ensure you are eligible
  • The terms your growth lender may offer
  • A case study on using Growth Debt to develop
  • What gets growth lenders excited
  • Your investment process from first meeting to funding
  • What you must prepare before raising Growth Debt
  • What happens when you have secured investment

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