On this page, you will find our premium content. It has been created by our investment team to help you understand how to use growth debt to expand. Alternatively, you can click here to see how we helped other business grow.

Growth Business Loan Calculator

Growth Capital Loan Calculator

Are you looking for a Growth Capital Loan? Need to budget your financing costs? Want to understand details of cashflows and balance sheet entries for your loan?

Our business loan calculator gives you a full understanding of costs and cash flows. It’s the perfect tool to budget costs and compare loan providers.

Growth Lending Guide for SMEs

The Growth Lending Guide For SMEs

Growth Debt is an alternative source of funding for fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Do you want to help your business grow without giving up control? In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Growth Lending and how to fund growth preserving equity.

Acquisition Finance Case Study

Acquisition Finance Case Study

The best way to understand how your company could use acquisition finance is to look at the way other businesses have done it.

This Case Study reveals how our funding enabled two management teams to accelerate growth through ambitious acquisitions without heavy dilution of the owners’ equity.

Growth Loan Term Sheet

Growth Capital Loan Term Sheet

If you are raising funds for your SME, this document will help you to gain a better overall understanding of a Growth Capital Loan Term Sheet.

Disclaimer: Actual issued term sheets by BOOST&Co are always highly-customised to individual loan situations, so terms can differ from this example.

SaaS Case study

SaaS Business Case Study

Are you looking for capital scale? In this case study you will learn how two fast growing tech driven SMEs based in UK used Growth Capital to increase their revenues

Brokers’ Guide to Growth Finance

Brokers and intermediaries are a key part of the funding ecosystem that supports SMEs. In this guide we talk to brokers about growth debt, a growth finance solution that helps businesses grow without giving up control.