We lend to Salesforce partners – both ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and consulting partners – to help them accelerate their growth in the Salesforce ecosystem.

We offer £2 million to £8 million Venture Loans to growing, established companies. Loans are made to companies with an established business model and a history of performance with Salesforce, either by selling on the AppExchange or as a Salesforce ISV partner. We make these loans from our own funds; our process lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

We highlight some of the main features of our Salesforce loans solutions below. This link has more information about Partner Loan pricing.

Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Loan Types

BOOST&Co provides two types of loans to the Salesforce ecosystem: ISV loans and Growth Business Loans.

Essential for these loans is good transactional data history within Salesforce. We are able to analyse historical information to give us the basis for more accurate decisions.

It also accelerates our decision making process – we can complete our due diligence in three to five weeks.

Salesforce ISV Loans

This product is to accelerate young, emerging ISVs by providing them with fast, flexible capital to fuel their growth.

ISVs need at least £100,000 MRR on the AppExchange and high growth rates. Loan sizes are from £500,000 to £8 million depending on the size of revenues and Salesforce history.

Loan repayments are either fixed in advance or can be a percentage of the monthly revenues received by the company.


This product is designed to provide Salesforce partners with growth capital to fund working capital needs, acquisitions or expand internationally.

Companies should have a revenue run rate of at least £3 million. Loan sizes are £2 million to £8 million depending of the size and quality of revenues.

Loans are paid back typically over three to five years. More details on terms for Growth Business Loans here.

to apply

The best way to apply for a Salesforce Partner Loan is to give us a call to discuss your situation. You can also leave us basic information about your business here.

With this, we can start to understand your company and how it fits our investment criteria.

After this first stage, we will ask to meet as well as for more information about your company to understand the situation in further detail.

BOOST&Co Case Studies

The best way to understand how your company could use a Salesforce Partner Loan is to look at the way others have used it.

Our blog has a number of case studies to highlight these uses.

These case studies show the most common use of Salesforce Partner Loans: accelerate growth, runway extension and working capital.