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BOOST&Co offers Revenue Loans to technology companies based in the UK and Europe.

We offer £500,000 to £2 million loans to growing, innovative companies in specific technology sectors. Revenue Loans are made to companies with an established business model and existing revenue run rate of at least £750,000 per year. We make these loans from our own funds; our process lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Really important: we only look at high gross margin and highly recurring revenue models for revenue loans, like internet, software, mobile, hardware — nothing else!

We highlight some of the main features of our Revenue Loan solutions below. Click here for more information about Revenue Loan pricing, and here for information about definition of terms used for Revenue Loans.

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How to

The best way to apply for a Revenue Loan is to leave information about your business here.

This allows us to understand your company and how it fits our investment criteria before a further call.

You can find more information about our investment process in detail here.

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All of our Revenue Loans are crafted for each situation, so they are all unique because they are tailored to each company.

Revenue Loans are designed for highly recurring revenue business models in technology only

The main feature of a Revenue Loan is that monthly repayments are based on a percentage of monthly revenues, unlike other loans where repayment schedules are fixed in advance.

What is a
Revenue Loan

Revenue Loans are a type of loans available to technology startups which have a highly recurring revenue business model, like SaaS companies.

The loan size and repayments are based on a percentage of the monthly revenues of a company. This allows companies to have a flexible repayment profile linked to cash actually received.

There’s more information here on what a Revenue Loan is and how it works.

Revenue Loan Costs

Revenue Loans terms vary widely because they are made uniquely for each situation and company.

Typically, the pricing of Revenue Loan is set as a percentage of the amount lent, as well as an equity kicker.

Here’s an overview of typical Revenue Loan terms from BOOST&Co.

BOOST&Co Case Studies

The best way to understand how your company could use a Revenue Loan is to look at the way others have used it.

Our blog has a number of case studies to highlight these uses.