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We offer £2 million to £8 million of funding to growing, innovative businesses. Mezzanine Debt solutions are meant for SMEs with established business models and who can  demonstrate the ability to service loan repayments from projected cash flows.

Mezzanine Financing can be used for working capital needs, CAPEX investments and acquisitions/MBOs. This type of funding is usually larger than what a bank would lend because we take into account the growth of the businesses we lend to.

BOOST&Co has been providing Business Loans to innovative SMEs in UK and Europe for a dozen years. We understand growth, innovation and entrepreneurship and we create financing solutions to help companies develop.

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How to

The best way to apply for Mezzanine Finance is to leave information about your business here.

This allows us to understand your company and how it fits our investment criteria before a further call.

You can find more information about our investment process in detail here.

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Mezzanine Financing

All of our loans are crafted for each situation, so they are all unique because they are tailored to each company.

Growth Business Loans are tailored mezzanine loans for growing companies typically ranging from £2 million to £8 million of funding. Follow this link for more information about Growth Business Loan pricing.

The durations of our loans are three to five years. Companies need to have an established business model and a revenue run rate of at least £5 million. They should be profitable or within a few months of profitability.

Mezzanine Definition

Mezzanine Debt Financing is a type of Growth Business Loan available to companies which have an established business model and great growth prospects.

The loan is made either earlier in the life of the company than a bank loan, or we lend more than the banks would.

Because of this extra risk these loans can be more expensive than the banks.

Mezzanine Loan Costs

Mezzanine Funding terms vary widely because they are made uniquely for each situation and company.

The price of a Mezzanine Loan depends on amounts needed and the use of the loan. In all cases, loans have a fee, an interest rate and an equity kicker as pricing.

This page has details on typical Mezzanine Financing Loan terms from BOOST&Co.

BOOST&Co Case Studies

The best way to understand how your company could use Mezzanine Finance is to look at the way others have used it.

Our blog has a number of case studies to highlight these uses.

These case studies show the most common use of Mezzanine Debt: growth capital, working capital and M&A/MBI/MBO.