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BOOST&Co does things a little differently. That’s especially true of how we provide growth capital. For businesses that are ready to scale, BOOST&Co offers growth capital of £2 million to £10 million in just one to four months. We offer solutions that require no equity dilution, so that you don’t need to sacrifice control of your company.

Interested? To secure growth capital from BOOST&Co, you need to have a fully formed management team, a functioning product, and proven routes to market that are already delivering revenues.

It’s important to note that growth capital structured as a loan is different to growth equity finance. For more on the differences between a growth capital loan and equity finance, you can have a look at our handy infographic.

Growth Capital Loan

Growth Capital 101

A growth capital loan is – as the name makes pretty clear – a type of growth capital. It is available to companies with an established business model and great growth prospects. It is structured as debt, and involves little to no equity dilution.

BOOST&Co provides growth capital funding earlier, and in larger amounts than traditional banks. The interest rates of growth capital loans reflect this higher risk profile, but require no covenants.

Customised Loans

Each of BOOST&Co’s loans is individually tailored to the specific company and its situation. Each is unique. Just like your business, management team, and situation.

Typically, we provide growth capital to companies seeking between £1 million and £10 million of funding. The duration of these growth capital loans is usually three to five years.

What you need, is to have an established business model, a revenue run rate of at least £5 million, and be profitable (or within a few months of profitability).

Talking Terms

A growth capital loan would be perfect for your business, and now you want to talk terms. Growth capital loan terms vary as widely as the companies that receive them, because they are designed specifically for each company. Essentially, the price of a growth capital loan depends on the amount required, and the use of the loan. In all cases, growth capital loans have a fee, an interest rate, and an equity kicker included in the pricing.

For more information, you could have a look at our infographic detailing typical growth capital loan terms, or download a sample loan term sheet.

You Are Not Alone

From working capital, to site roll-outs, and M&A/MBI/MBO; BOOST&Co has helped dozens of companies to expand their operations:

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We’re always looking for fast-growing businesses to invest in. You can find more information on BOOST&Co’s fast and simple investment process here.

If your business meets our basic investment criteria and is ready to enjoy the benefits of a growth capital loan, you can apply now. Just click on the button. You know you want to.

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