Top five reasons why you should work with BOOST&Co



BOOST&Co has a passion for helping disruptive businesses achieve their next level of growth and to date, we’ve invested over £230M of growth capital into over 100 innovative businesses in Europe.

So why do our clients choose us? Well, apart from being “cool” and “unlike traditional stuffy banks”, we’ve outlined the five key reasons why SME’s come to us for investment -with the help of Matt from Make Positive who also thinks we’re pretty cool!

1. Quick decision turnaround means you can start your business expansion plans straight away. “The timing of our deal was fast and very efficient,” said Matt “What you stated in the beginning about being less than four weeks to term sheet, and four weeks of due diligence before closing the deal was spot on!” At BOOST, we usually issue a term sheet 2-4 weeks after an initial meeting and the entire investment process takes between 4-10 -so you can get up and running in less than three months.

2. No fixed lending model which means your deal is individually tailored to suit your needs. We value the fact that each of our clients are unique and we choose to handle your business with accuracy and efficiency. “Lance [BOOST&Co] understood the dynamics, drivers and challenges of our business immediately. That gave us a lot of confidence, whereas other venture debt providers are more rigid in their investment criteria and are more ‘financial’ in their assessment.”

    3. We don’t require you to give up control. We allow you to you run your business on your own terms. If we didn’t like the way you did things, we wouldn’t be lending to you -so we only lend where we feel the situation is right.

    4. Continuous support throughout deal term. We help you grow and develop your business by offering trustworthy advice without interference. “As well as providing the investment, BOOST gives us great advice and have continued to support us by introducing us to new business partners without actively interfering.”

    5. We finance early growth start-ups and established companies which means you’re more likely to get an investment with BOOST than a traditional high street lender. “Most debt providers only care about financial covenants. BOOST understood our business model and strategic goals and are willing to keep investing in us to support our growth and generate more value for both parties.”

    If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level with a growth capital loan, click here to download our free growth lending guide or here to discuss your lending needs in person.