Chief financial officer Edd Hatfield, based in north-west England, is responsible for everything relating to finance at the private-debt lender BOOST&Co.

What do you do at BOOST&Co?

I’m the chief financial officer, so I make sure that everything is funded properly and on time. Everyone involved in BOOST&Co – investors, administrators, portfolio companies and staff – has some sort of interaction with my team. We handle all the financial aspects of a finance company, which is as all-encompassing as it sounds.

How did you end up working there?

After gaining my accountancy qualifications at an audit firm, I worked for a FTSE 250 company, in insurance, which bored me to tears. I moved to a company selling boutique commercial property in London and became a partner there; that was my first taste of fund management and a good insight into what investors need. I knew I wanted to stay in venture capital, and then I met Lance [Mysyrowicz, partner at BOOST&Co].

What appealed to you about the company?

BOOST&Co is interesting, exciting and fun to work for because everyone is geared towards the same goals. I also enjoy the fact that we never stand still: there are always new ideas, and there’s always a drive to achieve more. My job title hasn’t changed since I joined in 2014, but my job has – completely.

Have you always been a numbers man?

My dad was a bank manager and my mum was a business-studies teacher, so I followed in their footsteps. I’ve been a geek for a long time.

Which item can you not work without?

My cup of tea, my calculator, my to-do list – and my online-banking fobs. Without these, no one would get funded or paid.

Which football team do you support?

This is pathetic; I support Aston Villa, even though I’m from Surrey. When I was growing up, Liverpool were winning everything, so I wanted to be different. My favourite player was David Platt – he was in his England pomp, scoring goals for fun – and he played for Villa at the time.

What’s on your bucket list?

I’ve been lucky enough to do most of the things I’ve wanted to do, but I’d like to go travelling again. Having a four-year-old and a one-year-old limits the scope of where you can go! I’d love to spend more time in Cape Town, heading up the Garden Route. And the US, visiting as many of the states as possible.

Given £100m to spend or invest, what’s the first thing you would do?

I’d make sure that no one around me had a mortgage any more. I’d invest wisely, in low-risk, low-excitement stuff… and then I’d go to Vegas and blow the rest on black.


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