Investors Welcome

This page is for investors and financial intermediaries who are interested in receiving information about BOOST&Co’s funds under management, and for professional investors who are interested in BOOST&Co’s fundraising activities.

Professional Investors only

BOOST&Co is regulated by the AIFM Directive and can only manage funds on the behalf of professional investors. Professional investors are defined in the AIFM Directive, they are mostly institutional investors and wealthy private individuals.

If you are not sure if you are a professional investor, the term is defined in the AIFM Directive text.

Professional Investor Contact

We are happy to talk to you about our existing funds and about funds we are raising if you are a professional investor. If you are not a professional please do not contact us at this stage as we cannot manage retail funds.

If you are a professional investor and you’d like to know more, contact us at, mentioning the text highlighted below. The reason for this is that AIFMD is very strict on marketing guidelines and we need to respect them. Here is the text we suggest, though you may have your own text which we encourage you to use –

“We confirm that we are a professional investor within the definition of AIFMD and that by sending this email we are initiating contact with BOOST&Co via this email.