Huumun’s core business is the delivery of effective strategies to the world’s leading life-sciences companies,  enhancing engagement between pharmaceutical businesses and customers, so that information about even the most complex medical product is interesting, accessible and easy to digest. The result is more meaningful customer relationships for Huumun’s clients, with healthcare professionals finding it easier to make prescribing decisions, based on better access to accurate data and information.

The Reading-based business, founded in 2003, combines strategic communications experience with smart digital technologies, specialist medical knowledge and data-science expertise. It is this unique blend of skills under one roof that differentiates Huumun in a crowded digital sector.

Funding for a wider impact

Founded by chief executive Paul Hartigan, Huumun has been growing organically and developing its customer base for the past 16 years. Having seen the positive impact of their work, the members of the management team now wish to expand their offering and serve more clients with the help of a £2m loan from BOOST&Co.


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