Investment process

Here is a high-level overview of the decision process we go through.

1- Meet and greet

In this phase we learn about your company and get to know you. We also discuss a high-level loan concept. This means we:

  • Understand company and business model
  • Meet management team
  • Understand use of loan
  • Agree a loan concept – how much, how, when
  • Discuss high-level loan terms.

2- Term Sheet – 2-3 weeks

In this phase we issue, negotiate and sign a term sheet. In this phase we:

  • Write a 3-6 page memo summarising the loan and the company
  • Credit Committee 1- Present this to our credit committee, usually for one hour
  • Issue a term sheet with all loan terms and conditions
  • Agree the term sheet with you and sign it.

3- Due Diligence – 2-4 weeks

In this phase we spend time and money on internal and external due diligence to confirm the financial state of the company and use of the loan. This includes:

  • External DD – standard financial DD with 2 day on-site visit
  • Internal DD – customer and internal referencing, business model stress-test
  • Legal documentation – standard loan documents, provided by our very experienced lawyer.
  • Credit Committee 2- synthesise DD findings and present to our credit committee, usually for one hour.

4- Funding

The funding phase is immediate or as agreed with the lender.