Growth Capital loans are a type of financing that can help your business grow requiring only minimal dilution of equity ownership.

This type of funding works well for companies that are growing fast and aiming to achieve key milestones that will trigger a higher valuation in a future equity round or help them to reach the IPO stage. If you want to learn more about growth capital then you can check out our in-depth page here.

Uses of Growth Capital Loans

As the name already says, Growth Loan can be use for several different purposes that in which the main goal is to expand your business.
A few examples:
Investment in operations, staff, sales and marketing;
Investment in growth prior to an IPO (operational spending, working capital or capital spending);
Working capital finance including stock, trade debtors, or seasonal working capital;
Capital spending, R&D, equipment or software purchase;
The launch of a new product or service;
Expansion into new locations and territories;
Investment in new facilities;
Management buy-outs.

Growth Loans to Expand Business

Growth capital can help your business in more ways than you think!
If you’d like to take a step further and find out more about growth, get your Growth Lending Guide.

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