The world is often said to be a small place and increasingly, we are realising that our actions in one part of the globe have a tangible impact on people thousands of miles away. As a worldwide community, we have the power to band together and help one another, perhaps more effectively than ever before. 

At BOOST&Co, our team is made up of multiple nationalities, so the backgrounds and experiences of our people are diverse. We often look for charity initiatives that mirror this diversity, and this year, we decided that the international nature of the Euro 2020 football tournament would be a great platform for encouraging our colleagues to find meaningful ways to help their communities. 

Knowing the competitive nature of our team, we decided that a sweepstake would be the most successful method for raising funds – and how right we were. Our donations totalled almost £600, which will be split between two charitable organisations: Football Beyond Borders and Ladles of Love

Football Beyond Borders provides long-term educational support to disadvantaged young people across the UK, who may struggle to succeed in school but are passionate about football. Meanwhile, Ladles of Love – originally just a single soup kitchen – has grown rapidly to become one of the most prolific food charity organisations in South Africa.

Why we care: it’s personal

Data analyst and in-house Excel guru Jason Dionysopoulos is responsible for our involvement with Ladles of Love, after a friend who volunteers at the charity’s flagship soup kitchen made him aware of the crucial work that the organisation is doing in his home city of Cape Town. 

“Food security is one of our most basic needs. Without it, people have very little opportunity to improve other aspects of their lives. Children are unable to learn and adults are unable to work and provide for their families,” he says.

Ladles of Love also runs an annual charity campaign for Mandela Day, which is celebrated across the globe on 18 July. “Mandela Day is such an important time in South Africa for raising awareness and sharing time and resources to improve the lives of fellow South Africans. The Ladles of Love Mandela Day drive manages to achieve all three of these things,”  he says.

How our donations will help

Almost seven million South Africans experienced hunger in 2019, but this figure has only worsened in the wake of Covid-19. This year, Ladles of Love is running a campaign called Food for Thought, which encourages individuals to donate cans of non-perishable food, offering much-needed provisions to disadvantaged families. The charity is aiming to beat the Guinness World Record for the longest line of cans, hoping to hit the 6.7km mark in homage to the 67 years that Nelson Mandela spent fighting injustice. The money BOOST&Co has raised will go towards supporting this initiative, alongside our team’s additional food contributions.

“These cans will be used by Ladles of Love and its 130 beneficiaries to provide nourishing meals to those in need. This initiative will not only raise money and gather much-needed food for the charity, but will also raise awareness around the hunger crisis in the Cape,” Dionysopoulos says. “The donated food will help people in and around the Cape long after Mandela Day ends.”


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