The BOOST&Co team is passionate about providing innovative businesses with growth capital to help them grow, and realise their business goals. In fact, we’ve invested over £100M in more than 35 companies in the last few years. But no matter who we’re investing in, we know that successful investment is about more than ticking a few criteria boxes. We do things differently at BOOST&Co – you’ll find no “stuffy finance types” here. In fact, we like to think we’re pretty innovative ourselves. Why?

For starters, we understand that investment is about people. Innovative people. That’s why we choose to invest in management teams we like, and with whom we can envision a fruitful working relationship through both good and bad times.

So how do we know if you’re our type of business? We’re so serious about the importance of working with the right people, we’ve brought on board organisational psychologist Heather Bingham to capture and map our culture and identity. Having interviewed everyone in the team to identify the precise ethos of the firm, she used this data to build our cultural model. From that, she built our entire suite of people processes. And with a degree in literature and history of art, and another in the psychology of the workplace, Heather was also able to enrich our interpretation of the existing BOOST&Co brand and artwork.
As a result, BOOST&Co has a distinct culture that informs everything we do, from choosing team members and selecting investments, to how we communicate with stakeholders. We value these meticulously identified personal traits above all others and try to integrate them into everything we do. And if we choose to work with you, you probably have them too!


In the age of Instagram and digital remastering, authenticity can be in short supply, but you’ll find no snake oil or flimflam here.  We’re an open and direct bunch – and we look for management teams that behave the same way. This means that you know what to expect from us right from the word go. It also means that we look for transparency and honesty from the outset. Our openness results in quicker turn-around times when delivering funding, because we’ll never give you the run around or demand that you jump through hoops to get our attention.
No legacy is so rich as honesty. – All’s Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare


Curious to the core, we are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and experience. Our real interest lies in creating a depth of knowledge about our customers, their businesses, and their sectors. Growing an SME can be unpredictable, and it takes smarts to handle everything this journey can throw at you. We apply critical thinking and creativity to every challenge we meet, and look for companies that do the same.
I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Entrepreneurship and innovation take bravery. They require a willingness to go beyond the accepted norm, to do things differently. Founded by entrepreneurs, BOOST&Co understands that it takes just this sort of bravery to start a business, grow it to the point of scalability, and then seek funding to grow it even further. That’s why we do what we do – so you can enjoy the benefits of your bravery without having to sacrifice equity or control of your business.
Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway. – Coraline, Neil Gaiman


Not only is what we do interesting, but variety and interest are built into the DNA of BOOST&Co. Our founders come from diverse (and yes, interesting) backgrounds and each of our team members has an interesting passion that they’ve incorporated into their life. Interesting businesses, unique solutions – we relate to people that find interest in the world around them and find interesting ways to address its problems.
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein


We take what we do seriously. Being self-disciplined may not appear to be as exciting as some of the other traits we value, but it certainly underpins them all. BOOST&Co takes a measured and disciplined approach to every investment decision. And we look for management teams who share the same disciplined approach to running their business.
True mastery transcends any particular art. It stems from mastery of oneself – the ability, developed through self-discipline, to be calm, fully aware, and completely in tune with oneself and the surroundings. – Bruce Lee

Interested? If you authentically believe that BOOST&Co is the growth lender for you, be brave. Contact us. We’ll get back to you in smart order. We’re disciplined about things like that…


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