Lots of dragons in food delivery at the moment. We want to find (and fund!) the best of them.

Finding The Dragon

We interviewed our designer Eli Han to understand the inspiration behind the video. Here’s an extract of our interview:
Lance – “Hi Eli, welcome to our first interview session. How do you feel?”
Eli – “Great, I’m excited to show off this new piece of content”
LM – “Tell us about your inspiration?”
EH – “The video highlights the great disruptions in food delivery through history. We went back to when princesses had to travel to the market to get their fresh and live chickens.”
LM – “Tell me more!”
EH – “The invention of the canning process during the Napoleonic wars was the next great leap, along of course with the invention of the shopping trolley in the 1930’s. This changed food delivery dramatically. Princesses could now buy more fresh food, carry it home and store it for a long time”
LM – “And then?”
EH – “Today princesses can get fresh chickens delivered to their doors by flying dragons with a few clicks.”

LM – “Why flying dragons?”
EH – “We’re looking to fund the next dragon!”
LM – “What sorts of dragons?”
EH – “There are lots of well established ones like Deliveroo, HelloFresh, PactCoffeeSimplyCook, but we are looking for the ones beyond that”.

Food Delivery Funding

Are you the dragon we are looking for?Food delivery funding
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