Five emerging call centre technologies that boost performance

The call centre industry has shed its reputation for poor service by embracing new technologies.
Call centres were once the butt of jokes, renowned for poor service and dreaded by customers faced with dealing with them. No longer. Today’s call centres rely on rapidly evolving technologies to provide a richer level of customer service than ever before. They have become contact centres, able to provide unified communications: a seamless response to customers reaching out across any channel, from voice to social media, and to do so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Digital technologies underpin this transformation. Automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence already drive contact centre performance and are advancing rapidly. The market research analyst Gartner predicted some time ago that by the end of 2018, virtual digital assistants will be able to recognise individuals by face and voice, and to do so across multiple channels. “The last mile for multichannel and exceptional customer experiences will be seamless two-way engagement with customers and will mimic human conversations,” it forecasted.
Yet while digitalisation and automation offer speed and efficiency, contact centres also recognise that customers want the option of speaking to a human, especially for more complex needs – 73% of consumers want a human when seeking advice or looking to resolve a complaint according to Accenture research.
Continuing the drive towards automation while maintaining the human element will be an ongoing challenge for contact centres in the years ahead. But the sector has a range of innovative tools at its disposal. Here are just five new technologies set to play a huge role in the contact centre of the future.


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