Affectv is a UK based technology company specialised in developing solutions to improve the relevance of advertising for people.

With the investment, amounting in a £2.5M Growth Loan, the business aims to establish itself as a leader in the market, offering true predictive personalised marketing for brands in travel, technology and retail industries.

Lance Mysyrowicz, a partner with BOOST&Co, commented on the transaction: “We are pleased to support Affectv to accelerate its development and technology deployment. Their team has demonstrated its ability to offer a platform that delivers a most effective form of advertising”.



Affectv Persona Discovery Platform reaches over 500 million people and is extracting actionable data signals from billions of digital interactions. These signals are used to deliver the most advanced form of advertising: SignalAds™.

SignalAds™ are personal messages delivered to a relevant person, on a relevant device, at a relevant point in time. Each message is tailored for each individual using real time data. SignalAds™ allow brands to engage more effectively with new and existing customers, and optimize ROI.


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