Ad tech is the short term for advertising technology, commonly referring to technologies, softwares and solutions used for delivering, controlling and targeting online ads.
Ad tech technology involves more than simple digital ad banners, but it comprises back-end systems and algorithms that will support advertisers to deliver the right messages, to the right customers.

Here is all you need to know about Ad Tech Industry:

Ad Tech Industry

The Marketing Technology Landscape had a big explosion over the last five years. ChiefMartec represented a great overview of the sector in this powerful infographic. While in 2011 only 150 solutions appeared on the list, in 2016 the number increased to an impressive 3,800 – 156 of them focused in advertising technology.

However even with a global ad spend of $570 billion a year and half of most marketing budgets being spent on ads, the ad tech industry faces a moment of mixed opinions. While some business fail to deliver real results and die after a few years, bringing a pessimistic feeling among investors, others claim the sector is just being misunderstood.

Still, we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of promising companies in the market, offering proven sophisticated adtarget solutions and automated ad sales. The particular ones that were used as inspiration for the video above are:  Outbrain, Criteo, TheFilter, Performance Horizon, Adtile and Adtena.
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