• Lottie Boreham Lottie Boreham

    Lottie Boreham

    Digital Marketing Manager


    Lottie loves adventure, whether it’s kayaking in Vietnam, hiking up volcanoes in Guatemala or whizzing down the ski slopes in France. She plays hockey for Brooklands HC and fills the rest of her time by cooking spicy food and continuing her quest to find the perfect G&T.

    • Degree in English Language and Literature, University of Leicester
    • Two years’ experience of B2B marketing within the Bouygues Group
    • Joined BOOST&Co in February 2019
  • Maddie Dumpleton Maddie Dumpleton

    Maddie Dumpleton

    Digital Marketing Executive


    Maddie loves being outdoors and staying active, whether that’s long walks in the countryside, cycling in search of great food or zenning out with a spot of yoga. She likes baking when the occasion presents itself, as well as spending time cultivating (forgetting to water) her many houseplants.

    • First-class BSc, business management, University of Birmingham
    • Previously worked in the travel industry
    • Joined BOOST&Co in April 2021
  • Eli Hyesung Han Eli Hyesung Han

    Eli Hyesung Han

    Art Director


    When Eli’s hands are free of pens or a Wacom tablet, she is passionate about fantasy novels, animation (especially Studio Ghibli) and RPG games. One of the items on her bucket list is to become an explorer travelling the globe – maybe even Mars. See her work on Instagram here.

    • MA (Communication Design), Central Saint Martins
    • Eight years’ experience in design and illustration
    • Previously worked for Midan City Development Corporation
  • Alex Jenkins Alex Jenkins

    Alex Jenkins

    Design Director


    Alex loves to make things, from hand-bound books to stained glass, but he always comes back to drawing and graphic design, and likes to challenge himself to take a course in a different art discipline each year. He’s an avid traveller who loves visiting new places and is also a keen swimmer.

    • MA, Graphic Design, London College of Communication
    • Began his career in design and illustration in 2011
    • Previously worked with a wide range of organisations, focusing on branding
  • Molly Gill Molly Gill

    Molly Gill

    Digital Marketing Executive


    Since volunteering at dog shelters when she was still at school, Molly is now a keen wildlife activist and helps educate others about animal conservation. Molly is also passionate about mental and physical wellness and loves spending time with her family and friends all over the UK.

    • BA (Hons), 1st, Business and Marketing Management
    • 2 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience
    • Previously worked in the telecommunications industry