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We offer £500,000 to £2 million Startup Business Loans to growing, innovative companies. Loans are made to companies post the initial startup phase, who have an established business model and existing revenues.

Startup Business Loans are not our core business, but we make these loans when we feel we can build a long-term relationship with companies with very large growth potential.

We highlight some of the main features of our Startup Business Loans below. We would encourage you to start a discussion by leaving information about your business here.

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The best way to apply for a Startup Business Loan is to leave information about your business here.

This allows us to understand your company and how it fits our investment criteria before a further call.

You can find more information about our investment process in detail here.

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Startup business loans are for early-stage businesses who have managed to develop a product and generate some revenues already.

A Startup Business Loan allows young companies to access non-dilutive capital at a key moment in their development, giving lower equity dilution for the founders and early stage investors.

What is a
Startup Loan

Startup Business Loans are available to technology startups which are small but have an established business model and great growth prospects.

The loan is made earlier in the life of a company than the banks, because of this extra risk it is more expensive than bank loans.

These are not our core business, but we consider selective applications to build long-term relationships with great management teams.

Startup Loan Costs

Startup Business Loan terms vary widely because they are made uniquely for each situation and company.

The price of a loan depends on the development stage, cash burn and growth prospects of the company as well as its current cash flows.

In all cases, Startup Business Loans have a fee, an interest rate and an equity kicker as pricing.


BOOST&Co Case Studies

The best way to understand how your company could use Startup Business Loans is to look at the way others have used it.

Our blog has a number of case studies to highlight these uses.

These case studies show the most common uses of Startup Business Loans: runway extension and working capital.

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